Southern Grits & Sugar Exfoliating Bars

We’ve put a little SOUTH in you SOAP!

~Made in the south~

~Handcrafted in small batches~

~Made with ingredients that you can pronounce!~

~Saves time in your exfoliation routine~

Benefits of exfoliation: A regular exfoliation habit increases the skin’s radiance, clarity, and youthfulness. It also boosts circulation and lymphatic drainage.

What Is It: It’s a dual layer soap bar…the grits and sugar layer (exfoliating layer) and the plain layer (for parts that you, ahem, don’t want to exfoliate.

Skip The Scrub!: This bar was born out of frustration of having an oily, gritty residue to rinse off when using a scrub…THEN having to soap up to cleanse. Why not have ONE STEP…cleanse AND exfoliate at the same time?!

How To Use: Rub the grits & sugar layer directly on your skin. You will start to feel the grits & sugar after a few minutes of use. No need for a wash cloth!