Who is Simply Joy?

Joy Finley Haynie grew up in a small southern town in South Carolina.

She started out as a first grade teacher…turned stay~at~home mom…now soap maker! This was a small hobby while raising two kids, born out of the love of learning all things crafty.

Joy did not like bathing as a kid and always asked Santa for LOTS of bath beads and bubble bath to perhaps make getting clean a little more fun. Therefore, making soap and bath products that are enjoyable and good for the skin is the mission of Simply Joy Soaps.

The Southern Grits & Sugar Exfoliation Bar was a “middle of the night” revelation due to the frustration of having to wash off the oily, gritty residue of a scrub (because exfoliation is very important!)…THEN having to clean. That’s an extra step…and who has time for that??

All soaps and bath products are made in small batches with safe, high quality ingredients in the Simply Joy Soap studio in Blythewood, South Carolina.